90 years evolving

Since 1928, the year in which the German Ernst Reiner founded this company, its evolution has been a success story.

Thanks to its ability to adapt to new markets, boosting new business lines, Reiner is currently a model of innovation and excellence in precision.

Our passion

Our passion for precision is the result of a business imprint and influenced by the environment where the company is located, Deba, a traditionally productive and industrial region highly concentrated in the field of machining.
At Reiner everything begins at the Engeering department, where dimensions and geometries are measured in order to create an optimum design to meet the following objectives :

Avoid micromovements

Sealing to prevent the bacteria colonisation

Guarantee natural esthetic


Our production capacity


In our productive plant we do control all the production phases and manufacturing instructions of our pieces. For this purpose we use micro decoletage machine of 5 axis and high precision.
The most advanced technology because its a challenge of excellence.

Our guarantee


REINER is a synonimous of security for the professional and tranquility for the patient. Our products full filled the highest quality standards and accredit their reliability and excellence with the most rigurous analysis.

Our 30 years guarantee for all the abutments and screws cover as well other implant supplier products combined with.

CE marking
Medical Manufacturer Licence
ISO 13845
Clean Room 7



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