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Commercial guarantee


These terms and guarantee conditions cover all the products manufactured by REINER MEDICAL S.L. and distributed by REINER MEDICAL, S.L.

This guarantee stands exclusively for DENTISTS and DENTAL TECHNITIANS, not for other parties, institutions and patients.


REINER MEDICAL S.L. offers 30 years guarantee in all the products marketed from its sale date.


Subjected to the limitations and exceptions described, REINER MEDICAL, S.L. offers the following benefits:

QUALITY: if the product presents manufacturing or material defects, REINER MEDICAL S.L. will substitute the product with no additional cost.
SECURITY: if any failure in the products manufactured by REINER MEDICAL, S.L, full filling with all product use indications causes the new making of the prosthesis, REINER MEDICAL S.L. will substitute  the attachments needed to re-make the prosthesis and will absorb the costs of its manufacturing.
In the case of any implant damage caused by REINER MEDICAL S.L. attachments following the use instructions, REINER MEDICAL S.L. will absorb the cost of such implants.



In order to receive the benefits under these sale terms and conditions, the Dentist and Dental Technician should full fill the following requirements:

1º- The Dentists and the Dental Technicians should contact customer service by telephone or e-mail to process the claim.

2º – The return and claim application form should be filled and accompanying the defective product sent by the customer to any of the official distributors of REINER MEDICAL S.L. The costs arising from this process should be absorbed by the customer.

3º – The Dentist or Dental Technician presenting any claim under these terms and conditions, should make sure any debt owing to REINER MEDICAL, S.L. or subsidiaries it has been paid down, at the moment the claim is sent.
4º- The Dentist or Dental Technician should make sure all the procedures executed with product have follow all USE INTRUCTIONS  of REINER MEDICAL S.L., as well as all common practices in the dental sector.

The shipping costs for any return will be assumed by REINER MEDICAL, SL. in all the cases covered under this sales terms and conditions.


Excepting the guarantee described in these terms and conditions, neither REINER MEDICAL S.L, nor its sales representatives, manufacturing third parties or Product distributors, represent or offer any guarantee, agreement, express or implied commitment, oral or written, to the Products (without limitation) including guarantees implied in the marketing, durability or fitness for a particular purpose or use.

In addition and inside the maximum extension permitted by  the corresponding law, REINER MEDICAL S.L. refuses (on its behalf or sales representatives, third parties or distributors) any responsibility from any direct, indirect damage caused by the design, composition of the dental prosthesis the Product are integrated in.


The following product are not considered and consequently covered by this guarantee of REINER MEDICAL S.L.

– Any dental attachments transformed and being part of the dental prosthesis
– Any attachment distributed and not manufactured by REINER MEDICAL S.L. For these products the guarantee will be the same as stated in Manufacturer Terms and conditions.

– When the failure is caused to normal use and waste.

– When the failure is caused by improper use, abuse, negligence or improper warehouse, handling or maintenance of the products.

– When all the procedures used by the Product damaged do not full fill the use instructions of REINER MEDICAL, S.L. and do not follow any common practice accepted in dental sector.
– Any use of the product with tools, complements or products of any type, conditions or rule no stated by REINER MEDICAL S.L.

– When the Products have been modified to change their functions or capacities without the written authorization of REINER MEDICAL, SL.


REINER MEDICAL S.L. reserves its right to modify or remove these Terms and Conditions at any moment and without previous notice. Any modification or suspension will not affect to those products already located in patients.



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