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How to introduce the DINAMOMETRIC torque wrench tips

Often, a brief explanation about every day items is all you need to make your day to day easier. Some of us lose our cool and a simple task can drive us up the wall. The dental practice has a very busy schedule and from Reiner Dental we wish to put our little grain of salt and help you.


Today, at #DYIDENTALHACKS, we bring you an article related to the Torque Wrench tips. This is one item to which we have paid very little attention to, but, it does annoy us when the tips cannot be introduced easily.


You can see the trick in the following video

As you can see, it is as easy as to pay attention to the little notch 

This is the same system as the one being used for the counter-angle mill and we know that when you press on it unwittingly you can break the dynamometric ratchet

We hope we are helping you and also, bringing a smile to you face 



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