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Zirconia Disc

Zirconia discs are nowadays a fundamental element for the digital process in the laboratory. At Reiner Dental, we have a worldwide partner in Kyocera, which has more than 20 years of experience in the sector. Always using the best certified raw materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes in their factory in Germany, the results of the discs are excellent. Up to 15% higher utilisation and no chipping is achieved.

10 years warranty!  

3 levels of translucency

Low translucency: 35% 1.200MPa; Z-AlMed is suitable for all types of restorations.
Medium translucency 41-45% 1.000MPa; Z-Nature valid for all types of restorations
High translucency 49% 600MPa; Z-Smile valid for front bridge restorations

Minimum milling thickness 

-Occlusal posterior teeth 0,9 mm Circular 0,5mm
-Anterior incisor/occlusal 0.7mm Circular 0.5mm
-Interface 1,0mm Circular 0,7mm

Sintering curves
-Sintering temperature 1450°C
-Waiting time 2.0 hours 
-Heating rate up to 600 K/h 
-Cooling rate up to 600 K/h




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