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Return policy

In Accordance to the quality manufacturing of Reiner Medical all our products have a Total Guarantee against any manufacturing or material defects. Our strict quality controls guarantee that our products meet the most demanding international standards. The return of any product is subject to the following conditions:

  1. All our products are covered by the Life Warranty against any manufacturing or material defect, so the customer will be entitled to the replacement of the defective part or parts as long as the defect has its direct origin in the manufacturing or material.
  2. The liability of Reiner Medical covers strictly the replacement of the defective piece, being excluded any other claim, damage or consequence.
  3. Prior to return any item it is mandatory to full fill the return questionnaire in the back side of the delivery note. The returns will be accepted within 15days of the dispatch.

Once Reiner Medical has confirmed, after receiving the item that the return is accepted, we will issue a credit note in favour of the customer, which will appear as a balance in favour. The customer can acquire new products from Reiner Medical S.L.

In case of shipments of defective material, digital photography must be sent by e-mail that clearly represents the defect, or, if possible, request the visit of our area delegate.

  1. The shipping cost will be bearded by the Reiner when accepted the return. In case of product Exchange or not accepted return the cost will be bearded by the customer.
  2. REINER MEDICAL is not responsible for phone orders mistakes, In order to avoid confusions, the orders should be done by email, website or through our sale representatives net.



LOCATOR Abutments are excluded of those return conditions as they have an specific procedure.

In addition there is no guarantee coverage in the following cases:

  • Inmediate restorations
  • When the observed damaged has been caused by external agents or actions as well as during transportation.
  • In Fail cases when other supplier products have been used in the restoration

In Case of any dubt, please contact us in:

Reiner Medical, S.L. – División Dental

Polígono Industrial Itziar – Parcela H7

20829 Itziar-Deba (Gipuzkoa)·SPAIN

T 00 34 943 606 286




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